Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Slumber Party

So things were pretty good in this week. We have been able to teach some positive people and have found some people that have progressed. This Sunday we had 5 in church and like 10 progressing. We're hoping that that can continue and improve in this week. Also, we expect one girl named Veronica to get baptized this week. That is if she desires to follow through with it. So that's where we are at for now.

Doing pretty solid and lovin life here in Ilopango. This week we were in a families house when the gangsters knocked on the door asking for a colaboration for the funeral service of one of their fallen homeboys hahaha. So, yeah. The family gave em like 30 cents, and a different day we made pupusas with a family (a mom and her 2 daughters) of investigators and towards the end of everything I told the mom that I couldn't eat anymore or I else I wasn't going to be able to walk. Then she said that I could stay the night at here place. Long story short the mom said "You don't need to sleep on the couch, you can sleep with my daughter in her room with the door locked!" then the daughter said "Yeah I guess its either with my brother or with me. So which one do you say?" Yeah, that was like the longest most awkward silence of my life as I thought, "Do I sound really homosexual and say I'll sleep with her brother or do I cross the lines and say that Id go with the daughter." they had already canceled out all of my options of the couch and floor and what not. Then after an eternity my comp saved me and said that the two of us would just crash on the floor. So yeah we got out of that house fairly quickly. No worries, I guess it was just a funnier experience more than anything. I don't think the family was serious, but they were just messing around with me. So yeah, welcome to the craziness that is this country.

In other news an elder in my district gifted me his Star Wars puzzle and the pics are attached below. Love you all, make wise choices.

Elder Vaughan

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