Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I hope you have a very merry Christmas, and I hope that you all can enjoy this time with family and or friends.

This week was way fun! We had our mission Christmas party and we had lunch and all that stuff at this one sports complex/park place and we just played sports for like 4 hours. We got to play soccer with pres for a while. I also got super sun burt, but no worries its all chill.

One of our investigators Wilfredo got baptized on Thursday! Now his whole family has been baptized! He is super amazing, well him and his whole family really. I love that family so much. They are the best people ever.

Also we had the ward Christmas party on saturday which was also way awesome! They had me and my comp participate in a compitition. Where you put on a jacket then the person behind you puts there arms through it and they have top do everything for you. So I was the one without arms, and my comp had to feed me a full yogurt cup and a cup of water, and to finish it off put a santa hat on me. All that without him seeing a thing, and we tied with the other team. It was pretty sweet!

Yesterday I got to talk with the family! Pretty cool as normal. During the Call my dad asked me how I've changed in these past 6-7 months (the time since I last talked to them), and I honestly didnt know how to respond. But now that I think about it, I have honestly become more relaxed in my person (as a missionary.) Before I was too stressed about things that dont really matter, but now I focus on what matters and like Saun T from T-25 says "Do your best and forget the rest". So I really haven't been worrying about other things that don't matter. I work and do what I need to do and if things work out, fantastic, and if they dont, Fantastic. Because I know that I would have worked well. Obviously there is always something I can do better, But I really just try to enjoy what I am doing and work well, instead of being stressed and sad.

This week I will complete 19 months in the mission and I will only have about 4.5 months left. My best bud here in the mission, Elder Williams and I have talked a lot about that stuff and really it is sad that things are ending and sometimes we wish that we could start over everything, but we know that we just gotta keep working hard and do the Lord's will and everything will come out well.

I met Elder Williams family (He´s Hawaiian) and I said melekilikimaka (merry christmas in hawaiin) to his family and they loved it. Mission accomplished.

Also these fools in this cyber are singing just the way you are by bruno mars.

Pics next week, my camera died on me.

Love y'all!

Feliz Navidad y Año nuevo

Elder Vaughan

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