Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Soccer Famine and Nacho Libre Busses

Nacho Libre busses everywhere. Armed guards everywhere. Its dope. The MTC doesn´t suck as much as I thought it would its really pretty good. No worries I´m safe. I´m being protected 24/7 by 2 armed guards and the only time I can go outside is for an hour of exercise. I am legit in a prison. A very nice prison. I flew to LA by myself and from LA to Guat I was with about 20 or 30 elders and hermanas. Didn´t sleep at all to LA and hardly to Guat because I sat by 2 crying babies. Its all been good though. They have me speaking Spanish pretty much one hundred percent of the time. Well as well as I possibly can. They just have a bunch of books and papers for us to study and memorize. So I can do church talk really well now, but not so much normal conversations. The Latinos are really nice and fun to talk with at meal times. They´re really funny and I can actually make them laugh. Its nice to know I´m funny in another language. They all think Vaughan is pronounced like ´Bawn´ and they laughed when I told them I want my kids name to be James so its like James bond. But the Spanish is good. I understood pretty much everything in sacrament meeting and yeah spiritual stuff is good too. All is well and the language is coming along pretty fast. missionary life isn´t too rough. the worst part is getting ready in under a half hour and having to take another man to the bathroom with me... and I'm proud of Lokey for killing the nest of bunnies. its good to know he isn´t completely worthless and old. Things are good though. My companion is a kid from Wyoming Elder Brightly. He´s aight. My district is 6 elders and 3 hermanas and we´re all pretty tight. Food is good. A little too good though, but at least they have a gym. They also have 2 basketball courts where you can play basketball and volley ball and they have soccer goals on them too. But guess what, NO SOCCER ALLOWED. WHAT KIND OF HISPANIC COUNTRY DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PLAY SOCCER. Yeah so I´m stuck with lifting weights and playing basketball I guess. Oh well I´ll get over it eventually. Don´t have anything else, but its good to hear from all of you. Also don´t send packages because Guatemala's mail system decided to break so I will not get any mail. maybe through UPS but even then I´m only here for a few short weeks. Sorry no pictures. I´m only allowed to take pics on P day and I cant send any here in the MTC so you´ll just have to wait another 5 weeks. and no worries I´ll be safe some Latinos said he gangsters wont shoot white men like me. 7 days down 723 to go. Kia Kaha ladies and gents.

Elder Vaughan "The only time we fail is when we stop fighting" -My teacher

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