Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Army Bases, Stolen Dollars and Unkept Bets

Well I´ve finished off 4 weeks here in guat now. got a new batch of missionaries in from central/south america, and north america. they´re all pretty cool, but the old latinos are better. weird thing. one new hermana is from snohomish Washington (20 min from home) and another lived at pineview apartments at USU (same apartments as me) even though we neveer knew eachother. But aparently we were at a hot tub party together, so that´s actually pretty cool! Thinking about last week I just remembered how we saw the army base for Guat and it is a legit castle. Like huge castlewalls and everything. and the HQ for the guatamalen national team. Bunch of armed guards and shiz. it was pretty dope.

this week though, nothing has really changed, new teacher and new missionaries is really it. I was talking with this one Elder from Argentina and he really wanted to see a US dollar so I let him see it, then he kept it, but I though we had set up a trade so I could get an argentinan dollar in return. turns out he doesn´t have any... I wish I knew what was happening around here.

Oh and In one of my meetings with an "investigator" he started vigorously rubbing his eye as if he was trying to scrub potatoes. and he caught me of guard so I just busted. for ten minutes I could not talk anymore. my comp did everything and I just had to wait to leave. oh great fun. he´s my teacher and he is probably one of the funniest people I´ve eveer met. he also looks and smiles like nacho libre so it makes it even harder to keep a straight face.

Since I´m in prison and they control every aspect of my life, they told me to write stuff in spanish again.

Y socedio que yo Nefi dije a mi padre; ire y hare lo que el señor ha mandado porque se que nunca da mandamientos a los hijos de los hombres sin prepararles la via para ser cumplan lo que les ha mandado. 1 nefi 3:7

from memory. I think that´s pretty much right. Yeah me and that argentine that took my money cried together as both of our teams lost in the copa america. oh well I made a bet with he for 100$ that it would be US and Argentina in the 2018 world cup final. good thing I wont ever see him again, so I wont have to give him the money . . .

I always forget to write stuff that happened throughout the week then I remember then I forget once I get infront of the comp. so that´s fantastic. I don´t think anything outstanding has really happened. Well Im almost done here, so I´ll catch you all later I guess.

Adios, Elder Baug-han

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