Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Going to the Market, Gun Shots and Earthquakes

All is well. bassically fluent in church talk. other than that I´m like a 3 year old. Today, they took us out to Guatemala city to give us a tour of a cathedral, talk to people, and go through the market. Me and my comp handed out 2 BOM and got rejected 3 times in a half hour. So I guess that´s good. We got their numbers down and gave them to missionaries in the area. Sadly though all the Latinos left this morning. They were honestly the coolest. and it sucks cause a bunch of white people are coming in. I hope there are gonna be some more dope latinos. But other than that, nothing is really knew. I directed priesthood meeting in Spanish. The latinos say I have a pretty good accent for a white guy, so that´s always nice. Also happy to hear that the USMNT is kicking butt in Copa America. Everyone else here is freaking out over basketball, but I couldn´t even care less about that. Wish the Sounders would step it up. Atleast I don´t have to watch it... Really don´t know what else to say. It´s all been pretty much the same. Gotta say I´m really greatful for the Army ROTC because I´m the first one up out of bed in the morning, and the last one to bed. It really did help me to endure long days and continue on through. Falling alseep with a noisy fan on and gunshots in the distance is nothing like falling asleep to artillery rounds going off nearby, and hellicopters flying over while trying to sleep on a pile of rocks. Also my alarm clock the other day was an earthquake, so that´s pretty dope (two mornings in a row). And no one else in my room woke up which was weird... Yeah hopefully these people coming in tomorrow are cool, cause those latinos were way cool. Al que cree todo le es posible
(some scripture in Mark that I don't remember)
Love you guys,
Elder Baug-han

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