Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Better Way to Smoke

One week left kids. I leave guat Tuesday morning probably around 3 in the morning. No one has told us anything yet, but that was the last group of gringos.

So this week was fairly average. nothing too crazy to report on. I went in for a lesson with my "investigator" (my teacher) named José and he is a very unique person... I basically laugh throughout the lesson. and one of the lessons with him he started it out by asking if Mormons can have multiple wives... so we had to explain how we can not do that anymore.. then he asked "oh so only one wife in Guatemala and one in USA and one in...." NOPE. I guess we cant do that either. Then he said he has multiple girlfriends all in different cities... I asked if any of them knew about each other and he said "Ohhhhhh no es muy malo..." (very bad) so we told him he needs to only have one girlfriend and one wife. then 2 lessons later he told us that since he cant have multiple chicas he snorts crack and smokes weed to fill the gap... then my comp. accidentally said we would show him a new way to smoke instead of a way to quit smoking... so that was great fun.

And this past Sunday was the last fast Sunday in the MTC. And I bore my testimony in Spanish. It´s crazy because that was the first time I've born my testimony in about 4 years or so in front of the congregation, and it was in a different language. I didn´t even have to think about what to say, everything just flowed so easily. I wish I could have had longer. The branch president said at the beginning that everyone can only have 1 minute maximum so of course everyone went on for 2 or 3 minutes, then the guy right before me took up 15 minutes and the pres. had to tell him twice to sit down and he still did not sit down. so I had the great opportunity to talk for 20 glorious seconds because he took us 20 minutes over time. yeah it was dumb. but it was still good.

Also in a lesson with this girl (my teach) and her husband (a supervisor) I bore my testimony for the first time on the BOM and it felt way good. Gotta say that was one of the best feelings ever. I couldn´t hold back my smile and my body was shaking and shiz. man it was lit.

Other than that nothing is new in Guat. We´ve been playing B-ball a lot during our gym time and lets just say I´ve won about 10 times. more than anyone else. we play "bump" AKA "knockout" i don't know whatever you people call it. I straight up beat an elder from florida that played with guys that are in the NBA now. and he´s played against Shaquille O´Neals son. so yeah I should go pro. Yeah that´s it bois. one week left.

Estoy entusiasmado para entrar el campo mission, y para cambier las vidas de las personas del Salvador. Tengo miedo para este experiencia, pero estoy listo. Yo he aprendido muchas cosas en la CCM Y yo se que yo puedo ayudar todas las personas en El Salvador. Hasta Luego. Quidense.That's from memory. I think that´s pretty much right.

I always forget to write stuff that happened throughout the week then I remember then I forget once I get in front of the comp. so that´s fantastic. I don´t think anything outstanding has really happened. Well I'm almost done here, so I´ll catch you all later I guess.

Elder Van

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